Mobile Applications Development

Haven’t gone mobile yet? It’s never too late. Trust TAYA IT to advise on, create and build the perfect mobile strategy for your business.

Mobile application technologies and tools

Advances in the tools available for mobile technology have enabled developers to design highly complex business apps for smart employees. Mobility has truly come of age today in the B2B landscape.  Now you can be part of the scene with Taya’s help.

Why you can rely on Taya IT

  • All our competitors will claim to understand technology but how many will actively take the time to understand your work flow, your processes and your goals? You will benefit from our unique approach
  • Our app developers are fully aware of all the safety and security issues which are of key concern to all business people. We will protect your interests
  • Taya IT has years of experience in the field of mobile applications. You can count on our expertise to help you get exactly what you want; including value for money.

About Taya IT

Founded in 2006 by Wafik Shamma, TAYA IT started life as a research and development lab.

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