TTOS – Taya Transcription of Speech

The Taya Transcription of Speech system solves problems associated with manual and traditional ways of recording minutes of meetings. By converting audio files into typed text automatically and providing a mechanism for correction and revision, it also helps organise work more seamlessly between reviewers and data entry, and coordinates the majority of the minutes, releasing them automatically once approved.

Benefits include:

  • Automatically converts audio content of meetings to typed text
  • An easier way for users to review and correct text
  • Conveniently identifies audio clips and attributes them to the speaker
  • Automatically indexes the whole audience and all the pages that include posts
  • Records the number of seconds each member participates in the meeting and tracks individual rates of participation
  • Efficiently organises the workflow between data entry and reviewers
  • Makes it easier for the user to automatically co-ordinate the majority of minutes
  • Control Methodology steadily through the electronic system
  • Easy search and retrieval, publishing and integration with any other systems



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Founded in 2006 by Wafik Shamma, TAYA IT started life as a research and development lab.

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