TESE – Taya Enterprise Search Engine

Enterprise Search is the organised retrieval of the structured and unstructured data used by an organisation. It creates an easily navigated interface for entering, categorizing and retrieving data securely, in compliance with security and data retention regulations.

Our in-house Open Source-based Enterprise Search solution strongly competes with major Enterprise Search solutions offered by different vendors. It features state of the art AI, machine learning, and Arabic NLP based on TAYA TAPS and JAVA API for indexing, searching, configuration, and reporting modules of the engine. It supports multilingual search (in Arabic, English and French).

Taya Search workflow consists of three consecutive phases: 


Data Source Gathering phase:

This starts with inputs from the client platform. The client will have several options to provide the feed of data into different streams.

First stream (Internet):

    • The solution can capture the data from the Internet using our Crawler module.
    • The client identifies specific sites and portals from which the Crawler will capture the data.
    • The output from the Crawler is stored as documents or text for further manipulation.


Second stream (Database):

    • The solution integrates with any type of databases the client might have, including MS SQL, MY SQL, Oracle, etc.
    • The solution reads the data and captures the documents or text and stores these for further manipulation.


Third Stream (Files):

    • The solution can also read stored physical documents or can integrate with any document management system to capture the stored documents.
    • The system will capture the documents and store these for further manipulation.



Text processing phase:

This phase will take the documents captured from any of the above streams and provide them to the TAPS Module:

  1. TAPS finds exactly what you are looking for: TAPS allows users to obtain precise and meaningful results without losing any information or yielding irrelevant hits.
  2. TAPS does what other systems don’t: TAPS extracts the stem of any Arabic word entered into the search engine. Unlike other Arabic search engines, TAPS takes into account the lack of vowels in the written script and narrows a word’s multiple meanings into a single, accurate interpretation.
  3. TAPS fits into your environment perfectly: TAPS works on all platforms. It is available for popular operating systems, processors, and development tools.

The output from the TAPS module will be the index storage used later by phase III – user interface.


User interface phase:

This phase includes working on the index storage which contacts the whole data after TAPS. This restructures the data so that it is ready for search work.


Query Processing:

  1. Query Processing is the module that receives the query order of the search required from the end user and sends it to the index
  2. The index will receive the query, process it according to the data stored and retrieve the result
  3. The result will be sent back to be presented on the dashboard



  • The dashboard is an interface tool that can be customised according to the end user's requirements
  • The dashboard features a section where the user can enter their search query

The dashboard has a section where the user can see reports on the index holding the data and will therefore gain a more precise result on a specific search after filtering

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