TMMS – Taya Media Monitoring System

In the past, mass media meant agencies monitoring printed material. With the rise of radio, television and the Internet, information became available through a whole host of different media. But how can you keep on top of all of this? We make it easy with a Media Monitoring System.

Clients use media monitoring systems to keep track of what is being said about them, their competitors and other topics that could potentially affect them.

Taya IT Media Monitoring System provides clients with media content that is of specific interest to them that they can use for future reference. Such media includes documentation, content, analysis, or editorial opinions.

Our tool will allow you to automate the process of intelligence gathering information from news broadcasts, websites and other media outlets. It uses advanced speech recognition and text-mining technologies in Arabic/English languages to monitor and collect information from TV, satellite and broadcasts as well as websites worldwide.

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Founded in 2006 by Wafik Shamma, TAYA IT started life as a research and development lab.

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